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Why focus on flexibility?


So here is what you need to know about flexibility


Cardio burns calories while strength training will build muscle and provide the body with structural strength. We practice these two so often in our everyday life simply by walking, that we can tend to leave flexibility behind! However, flexibility is a huge part of dance! One thing to keep in mind is that every single body is different and with that being said every person has a different structure of joints. Some are born with loose ligaments allowing them to move easily through their joints. For those who aren’t, don’t be defeated! That doesn’t mean that it is impossible to become flexible! While it may be harder for some than others, stretching techniques can help to facilitate the muscle to adapt to our flexibility desires.
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Here is a list of top ten stretches you can do yourself. The best stretches occur when the mind, body, and spirit is relaxed. So, don’t forget to breathe in each stretch!

To Improve Flexibility, Hold each stretch for 30 seconds and repeat as needed!

  1. Pike – Sitting on the ground have your legs straight out in front of you and your hands reaching towards your toes. Flex and pointe your feet throughout the stretch.
  2. Deep lunge- Have one foot in front and square your hips to face front. The knee should be directly in line with the foot. Back knee should be on the ground for a nice hamstring and hip flexor stretch.
  3. Splits- Right, left, and middle split. Hold each for 30 seconds and BREATHE into the stretch.
  4. “Butt kick”- Standing on one leg, grab the other foot with same arm as leg and pull it towards your back side. This will give a nice quadriceps stretch. Hold for 30 seconds repeat on each leg.
  5. Forward Fold- Legs and arms straight, feet parallel. Touch your toes or grab the backs of the calf/ankle.
  6. Child’s Pose- Kneeling on the floor, toes touching, knees far apart. Let the belly fall through to the floor and reach the arms straight in front of you for a nice back stretch.
  7. Butterfly- On the floor with feet touching, legs open wide to stretch the inner thigh and groin. Keep abs engaged and think of lengthening.
  8. Pigeon- A split except the front leg is bent in and weight of the body is rested on it. This will stretch the outer rotators! For a deeper stretch grab the back foot and stretch the quad.
  9. Spinal twist- Sitting on the floor cross one leg over the other (bent legs) and twist the spine while maintaining vertical posture. Use your eyes to spot your head into a deeper twist.
  10. Back extension (Cobra)- Lying on your stomach, keeping the pelvis on the floor, reach up with the upper body to stretch out the back and torso.

Please call Karl and Dimarco Tampa dance studio for proper stretching techniques.

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