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How to Get Back into Dancing After the Long Break

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How to Get Back into Dancing

Are you beginning your dancing sessions after a long holiday and just can’t get your moves right as you did? Don’t worry! It’s not a lost cause, and you will be back in no time. Here are a few tips on how to get back into dancing after a holiday break or injury.

  1. Start slow
  2. Don’t start strenuous dancing sessions from the first day. Go slow! Your body is out of practice, and too much physical activity will just tire your muscles. It may lead to muscle fatigue or injury. Hence, it would be best if you took the time to get back to your old schedule. You may instead work on warming up exercises and stamina building. Doing so will prepare your body for more vigorous practice sessions, especially if you are getting back into dance after injury.

  3. Ignore self-doubt
  4. Getting back into dance after a breakor injury may instill self-doubt in you. If you are worried that you may not get your moves right since you are getting back after a long duration, just shed your inhibition. Practice in front of a mirror and watch your movements and smoothen them wherever required. Look for Tampa dance studios to get back on the dance floor.

  5. Trust your muscle memory
  6. When you do something frequently, then with time, it gets ingrained in your muscles’ memory. Once you achieve that level of practice, it is difficult to forget your steps. Even if you are getting back into dance after a break, your muscle memory will automatically make you do the steps. If you have a partner or an instructor, they can guide you a little, and you will pick it up in no time.


  7. Set yourself goals
  8. Even though you should take it easy, you should set yourself some goals that will challenge you and bring you back sooner than you realize. Set goals for flexibility, techniques, and performance, and have your instructor measure your progress.

  9. Don’t compare yourself with other dancers
  10. Comparing yourself will just hurt your progress. Remember a couple of things. Firstly, each individual has a different level of skill, and secondly, you cannot rush your body, as getting back into dance after a break or injury has already put your body under a lot of stress. Don’t be discouraged just because your co-dancers are at a higher level or have learned new steps that you don’t know.

  11. Work on strengthening your muscles
  12. When your muscles are out of practice, then they are out of shape too! Getting back into dance after injuryor a long break will require some muscle building. Work on your stretching exercises. They will not only strengthen your muscles but will also increase your flexibility.

    How to Get Back into Dancing

  13. Pamper your body
  14. It’s essential to bring your body back to the same strength it used to be. You must eat healthily, hydrate your body well, and get enough sleep. If your body is well taken care of, you will get back to your dancing routine faster.

Following these tips will help you get back on the dance floor. And, the one thing you should not forget is the love that you have for dance. Enjoy your dancing, and your will recover sooner than you know. But, if you are still thinking about how to get back into dancing, search for “dance lessons near me,” and you will find several classes that can help you get back into the grove.

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