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30 Secret Tips to Find the Best Dance Studio in Tampa, Florida Are all dance studios in Tampa, Florida the same? Definitely not. We all know the fact. When you
8 top dancing styles and their benefits
8 Top Dancing Styles and Their Benefits The Rhythms of the World – Dance Tap your feet with the beats of music. You can summarize the rhythms of the world
Beginner Lyrical DanceLyrical dance as an art form is a fusion of ballet and jazz. While remaining very technical, there is liberation in the movement. Embodying lyrical is one of
So here is what you need to know about flexibility Cardio burns calories while strength training will build muscle and provide the body with structural strength. We practice these two
Tampa Adult Dance ClassesFor years our Tampa dance studio has had requests to do an adult dance class. Finally, we have made a time for the grownups to shine! While
Kids Dance Lessons vs Child DevelopmentBeing in kids dance lessons , children learn to develop goals and aspirations at a very young age. Kids dance lessons are a perfect place
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Dance Lessons Tips and Tricks! Are you interested in enrolling your kid in dance lessons? You’ve come to the right place! Starting with kids as young as three years old
The Basic Ballet Positions! Some of the most basic ballet positions are is easily learned with just a few simple steps! There are five most commonly used ballet positions of
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Karl and DiMarco North, Dance Studios Tampa Karl and DiMarco North Dance Studios Tampa is now newly renovated under the direction of Robyn Hurlburt and is excited to welcome returning
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