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Tampa Adult Dance Classes


Introducing Adult Dance Classes in Tampa

Tampa Adult Dance ClassesFor years our Tampa dance studio has had requests to do adult dance classes in Tampa. Finally, we have made a time for the grownups to shine!
While your child is taking dance classes or back at home doing some homework, you can come on over to the studio for your adult dance classes in Tampa! You will sweat, laugh, and want to come more than just that one hour a week. It is a perfect opportunity in your busy Tampa life to take a breather from regular duties and sweat it out with all of the adults in dance class at our adult dance studio!

Why Choose Our Tampa Dance Classes for Adults

The best part about adult dance classes is that anyone can do it at any time of their life. The idea of taking a dance class after having never taken one before may be a bit nerve wrecking. Or maybe you have danced before but it has been a little while. Luckily that doesn’t matter for these classes at our adult dance studio and it is up to you with how hard you want to push yourself. Dance has many benefits besides just the workout. Dance can actually be used as a therapeutic release after a long week of work. Being in our Tampa dance classes for adults for that hour is a time when your mind is only focused on the class and what your body should be doing- not whatever stress your brain wants you to focus on! It doesn’t matter if you prefer contemporary, jazz or adult ballet classes in Tampa, the core idea is to free your mind of all the stress that gets accumulated over the day. And our specially designed dance classes in Tampa Fl for adults will help you with the same.

The adult dance classes ( adult series ) is done in six-week sessions. That is only roughly a month and a half of commitment. While a gym might be a great option for specified training, our Tampa dance classes for adults will give you a full body workout as dance involves movement of the full body. We offer a Ballet Fit class for those looking for a fusion of ballet and conditioning along with a traditional ballet class for those who are looking for the purely classical training as their workout. Both of these classes will lengthen, strengthen, stretch, and tone the body.

Wear whatever work out clothing you feel most comfortable in for these adult dance classes and make sure you bring your water bottle! Everyone at our studio here in North Tampa is supporting you and excited for you to sweat it out with us. Giving yourself that time in the week to just forget everything and work out is exactly what you deserve! So, come on by and sign up to join us for one of these six-week adult dance classes of fun!

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